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Alexia | future accountant

My name is Alexia. I would like be an Accountant someday. I have known for a long time that accounting is where my heart is. I am an analytical thinker who enjoys mathematics and focusing on details. I am very interested in seeing what different companies do, and how they plan for the future. Being an accountant would allow me be involved in the success of a variety of businesses.

I learned about the career from my father and one of my older cousins. We talk about how a company keeps track of things and how they plan for their future success. Some people tell me that being an accountant is boring. However, I think that it's very interesting, and I cannot see how a business would succeed without one. I really like to look at companies that make a product. It is interesting to see how they account for the many pieces in the final result.

There are many opportunities for Accountants. I think that accountants are needed in every business and by many individuals. They can work for firms that are hired to help plan the paths of businesses and individuals. By carefully preparing and studying financial records, they assist in making big decisions. Accountants can also work directly for, own, or be a co-owner of a company. Any business that makes a product, or performs a service is smart to have an accountant.

Most employers will require me to have a bachelor's degree in accounting. I know that there is a lot of education required to become accountant and an exam to become a CPA. I still have to complete high school, but I will keep my eye on the Accounting career as I approach college. Accounting is interesting, important and influential.

Alexia's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.