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Protecting the Border

Branko | future customs officer

I am writing today about my dream career for my future. Because of so many experiences in my life the career I would like to study is for United States Customs officer but the ones working with the K-9 unit and dogs.

Not only I love dogs but they also help Customs Officers finding illegal items in tight spaces inside cars or on their bodies. They can find food, plants, other animals and in some cases drugs that criminals want to get inside the United States.

The person who inspired me to like and dream about this job is my mom, If it was not for my mom, I would probably have no idea what Customs Officer did or that even a carrer like that existed. She also inspired me to love and care for dogs and to understand how important they are in this job.

I found it so interesting because working with this dogs and training them is one of the coolest things in my opinion and at the same time, the criminal investigation side and protecting the border from bad people is exciting for me.

Another reson I like this job is because I love working with other people and you have the chance to move to other nice places to work at other cities, even countries. Plus having to work with special trained dogs looking for weapons, stolen money, drugs and protecting the country with these amazing and powerful sense of smell dogs really makes it my dream job.

Finally, I know many kids will apply for this schoolarship and perhaps some need it more that others. My dad and my mom have made an effort to at least buy me some credits for college but lately we have difficult times with money. My mom is having a hard time with her back and she has been out sick for a few months now. It will really help to receive a scholarship and make my dream easy to reach.

Thank you.

Branko's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.