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A Way With Words

Caelie | future ambassador

The modern world is engaged in a battle, and it's not like the wars of long ago, when soldiers lined up and shot at each other. No, this battle is made of ones and zeros, lined up in mind-boggling formations, capable of slipping through the smallest crack. This is a battle of drones, slipping through the night sky, capable of things the human pilot would never dare attempt. But before we drop the weapons of our ancestors, we must remember an ancient tool that can't malfunction or glitch. One that is dependent upon our emotions and the great and the powerful force that is will. Diplomacy.

Throughout the ages, ambassadors have knitted our world together and torn it apart. Living overseas and in danger, these brave souls have long been a key instrument in maintaining peace. This career would use all of my talents and push me to the limit, a challenge I would enjoy. I'm no stranger to public speaking, and being an ambassador would hone my will, mind, and adaptability into a formidable force for change. To be an ambassador, one must obtain a bachelor's degree in politics, history, or international relationships. Experience overseas, another language, general knowledge of a country's culture, and excellent communication skills are necessary to succeed in this field. The world's denizens are always bickering, so we are always in need of this type of work. Opportunities present themselves in the Foreign Service Office and the State Department. The Foreign Service Office website was informative, providing statistics and nit-picky details.

Ambassadors have long protected our country's assets and have evaded countless wars. Without them the delicate web of inter-country relationships would collapse in minutes, leaving us in turmoil. This career will allow me to give back to my state and country.

Caelie's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.