Jennel | future teacher

The career I am interested in is being a teacher. Both of my parents are teachers. My dad was a History teacher and coach and just recently switched jobs to become an assistant principal. My mom taught and has recently changed jobs to become an elementary counselor. I have watched each do their jobs and the enjoyment that comes with it. I admire my parents for both going back to college and getting their masters degrees. That sets the bar really high for me.

The education that I will be needing is a four year degree from a university. My goal is to get a degree in education and teach at some level. I will need to go through the process of learning how to become a successful teacher.

Teachers will always be needed. The children of our state will always need good educators to get them to the next level in learning. I feel with a good education I can be that person. I have always dreamed of following in my parents footsteps and becoming a teacher.

I learned about this career by watching my parents' day in and day out. Seeing the joy of their jobs has inspired me to follow in their large footsteps for a career in education.

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