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Meet Joey Da Vinci!

Joey | future artist-inventor

Leonardo da Vinci was an Artist-Inventor, and as I look through his drawings, I'm inspired by how he used his imagination to invent new things.

I've always been a good artist my whole life. I can draw things that are real and things that only exist in my imagination. I prefer to draw things that I've imagined: creatures, weapons, machines, and all sorts of things. I think about their characteristics and strengths. I think about what they look like.

At my middle school we have two projects. We have to design and build a time telling device in the fall and we have to design and build a musical instrument in the spring. I started with research from a website, but I spent the most time imagining and using trial and error to build my own contraption. My sketches were very important in helping me decide what to try to build. And it was really fun to see my sketches get built!

In college, I would like to study Art and Engineering. I would like to have a double major. I would study Art to help me design things, and turn what I imagine into reality. It would also teach me how to improve my sketching so I can share my ideas with other people. Leonardo da Vinci was a master at these skills, imagining and drawing what he had imagined.

The Engineering degree will help me learn how mechanics and devices in the real world would make my dreams come true. Electricity, mechanics and robotics will all be a part of what helps me with my design, so I will probably pick an Engineering degree in one or more of those fields.

The kind of job I would like to have would use imagination and creativity to help other people and make life easier for other people. I will try to solve world problems with my inventions and make the world better.

Joey's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.