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My Life as a Teacher

Kaitlyn | future teacher

When I was younger I used to dream about being a rich and famous actress that lives in Hollywood with millions of dollars, but recently that has all changed. Now I feel that in order to be more successful I would need to plan out my life ahead of time. Since then I have become more interested in helping other people.

There are so many different choices to choose from such as someone who volunteers at a homeless shelter or at an orphanage even just giving away old things lying around your house to goodwill or helping hands could help people. Then I realized that people are helping me everyday when I go to school, people that went to college to learn how they could help people like me and my friends and those people are teachers.

There are multiple different kinds of teachers that I could be. There are also many different subjects that I could teach and a lot of different ages of the students that I would teach. I am interested in working with younger children and covering all of the subjects in one class.

In order to become a teacher I will need to go to a college and get a bachelors degree. Earning a teaching credential would also be necessary before I could teach in a public school. After I get my teaching credential I would then go on to the next step in my carrier which would be to find a job. Once I find a job I would need to change my teaching job into a teaching career. In order to find this information I went online to a web site called and watched a video about leaning how to become a teacher.

Kaitlyn's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.