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Working For a Cure

Landon | future biomedical engineer

There are many diseases in our world today that devastate families, communities and even entire nations. Untold numbers of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals work at home and far away to find cures. Cancer, AIDS, diabetes and neuromuscular disorders ravage bodies and minds. Children lose their parents. Parents bury their children. When will a cure be found?

My goal is to be a biomedical engineer. With the proper education I can help find a cure so that parents can watch their children grow up. I can get this training at the University of Texas. I will need at least a Bachelor's degree, and I probably will need a Master's degree. My course of study will include biology, chemistry, algebra, and calculus. A working knowledge of computers and electronics is necessary as well as problem solving and analytical thinking skills.

Biomedical Engineering is the 8th fastest growing career with a Bachelor's degree. There is a projected twenty-seven percent increase with 5,200 new job openings for 2022. Job opportunities include research and development of new drugs and medical devices. While cures may not be found for many diseases, new treatment options could improve the patient's quality of life. listed the opportunities for biomedical engineering. gave information about what education, training, knowledge and skills needed for this career field.

My grandfather passed away in January from pancreatic cancer. It was very difficult to watch him and my family during that time. Maybe one day I can find the cure for cancer.

Landon's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.