Levi | future surgeon

I want to be a surgeon when I become older because I always like helping people, and I think that job would fit me very well. I would preferably like to be a hand surgeon. In order to get the specific training for that job, I will need to 4 years of undergrad, then 4 years in medical school then about 5 years in residency training, and then I can have my medical license. This type of work has very high opportunities in the future, because you always need doctors. The steps I took to learn about this career is in this one class that I took in 7th grade, they had us do a job survey where you answer a bunch of questions and then it showed up with the results on what career would fit you, and for me it popped up saying surgeon. Since then, I have always wanted to be a surgeon, and I will do whatever it takes to become one even if it requires going to school for 15 years, and studying a lot because I need to pass my test instead of going out with my friends. Another thing that inspired me to be a surgeon, is my uncle who is an infectious disease doctor and he says he likes it a lot, and it interested me from then on.

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