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Lorna | undecided

An environmental lawyer is a type of lawyer in which a person argues over topics about the environment. First, you have to get a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science. Then, you would have to go to law school and pass the bar exam. I am interested in this type of lawyer because arguing is a strong point of mine; and keeping our Earth safe and clean should be a top priority.

In this line of work, job opportunities can be small, but this depends on the way you would like to work. A larger percentage of the jobs offered for environmental lawyers pay you based upon journalism or in other words, every time a client calls, you would write down the starting time and the ending time, then you would proceed to charge that client for the time spent on the phone. The same goes for meetings. The rest of your duties include looking at cases and going to court while representing the client.

While considering this as a future job, I took the steps of going to talk to an environmental lawyer. He told me stories of when he was in college and how classes were cheaper than they are now. He said that with today's economy, finding a job that lets you work cases would be hard, and that paying off student loans would also be challenging. After researching this career, I realized that this job was not for me, because of the cost for classes and because the job opportunities are slim.

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