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I want to be a Computer Forensic Hacking Investigator

Matthias | future forensic hacking investigator

When I grow up I want to be a Forensic Hacking Investigator. I want to make the world a better place safe from hackers. I want to help people protect their social security, credit card number, and private info, and I want to help protect kids from the bad things on the internet. Computer Forensic hackers help counter attacks from real hackers. For example, if there was to be a crime, or a secret attack, hacking investigators would try to get evidence or information to find out the crime.

Here is what I can do right now to help me reach my goal in middle school. I will study more in computer programing and "cmd." "Cmd" means command prompt. I will start to learn more in coding and the way devices work. I will also participate more in summer coding programs and start my own robotics club. In high school I will start learning more advanced coding skills, and taking some classes in law and enforcement. I will design my own "simple" high school games. In college I will actually try to hack a computer my professor would assign for me to hack. I shall also hack my android and apple devices. Which is called rooting for android and jailbreaking for Apple. Here are some skills or knowledge I would need to have in order to become a computer forensic hacker. I would need to have computer experience, investigative skills, law enforcement experience, and I might need to do a little military service. I would need to study each of these things for about 2-5 years at least. I also would need these certificates: CCE, CFCE, CISA, CISSP, EnCE and GSEC.

I would like to be a computer forensic hacking investigator as my career because I love coding, and messing with phones and computer software. I have even created my own mario game from "scratch" website, and thats why I want to be a computer forensic hacker when I grow up.

Matthias's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.