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Mo’s Bakery a Career Baked with Love

Morgan | future bakery entrepreneur

Last year I wrote this essay about wanting to become a social studies teacher. My mom was a teacher and is now a school counselor. I like helping kids at my mom's school and have spent time every year helping her paint her classroom, decorate bulletin boards and move her stuff in her office. My social studies teacher made me feel special and I wanted to be like her and my mom. This year I still like all those same things but my mom told me I should do what I love, that way going to work every day will not seem like work but make me happy. I've thought about that and what I really love is baking. I guess I never realized that I could make a career of that. When preparing to write this essay my mom made me write down things I wanted to do and then she told me to think about what all that really meant. My mom being a school counselor would never believe it was ok to not have an education so as I researched exactly what it would take to do what I love, I realized there is much more to baking than being in a kitchen with my hands in cookie dough or taking a new creation out of the oven. I realized I want the ability to do things my way and so my dream, my career choice is to own my own small business. I want to open Mo's Bakery and sell pastries and coffee and things I always wish I could buy when I walk into Starbucks with my mom but that doesn't come wrapped in plastic but is made fresh right there by me! To do this it isn't about how to read a recipe card it means knowing how to run a business. It seems that I would need a bachelor's degree in business administration to have the skills to do this.

I would really like to go to Texas A&M where my cousin went and graduated with his business degree. He graduated in three years. I think I can do this too. If I go to school to get a business degree I believe it will help me learn how to manage my business, keep track of inventory, advertise, and handle the money side of things which is not my strongest skill. I believe that having this education will help me be the best prepared I can be to not only be great at baking but also great at running my business so I can be successful.

My granny actually inspired me to be a baker. She is the best baker I know. She loves to bake your favorite cakes for your birthday (mine is a strawberry cake which she pokes holes in after it is done and then pours her made from scratch icing over it so it soaks down into the cake and melts in your mouth) or other desserts like buttermilk pie for special holidays. I want to make special treats that make other people feel happy and special like I do when my granny makes something just for me. In my family food is what brings us all together and we build traditions around. My grandfather grew up in a family of 16 children and with that many mouths to feed there wasn't always enough food to go around. He died this year but I remember every time one of us were sick or celebrating a special occasion or we just came home for a visit he and my granny would be in the kitchen laughing and talking and sharing memories while making new ones for me. I want to share that type of magic and love with others. I think with a business degree and my love for what I want to do I will be unstoppable.

Morgan's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.