Parker | future pastor

It is the question that has been asked time and time again. It is asked at the beginning of every school year by teachers. Unfortunately many kids do not have a plan for the future. However it is one the most important questions a teenager will be asked. That question is "what do you want to be when you grow up".

I already have the answer to this very important question. I want to be a pastor. This rather unpopular career is my choice and my calling. I first took an interest in becoming a pastor about a year ago. I have narrowed my college options. These two colleges are East Texas Baptist University and Lamar University. My first two years will be at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. My major will most likely be English or History, since these subjects are very important in writing and research for sermons. To finish my Bachelor's degree I will attend ETBU and pursue a degree in Religion with a Pastoral Ministry concentration.

Opportunities for employment as a minister are expected to increase by ten percent over the next twenty years. The projected annual job openings are currently 7,260. Average annual salaries for ministers are $43,800 nationwide and $45,500 within the state of Texas.

Pastors need a good grasp of Theology, Philosophy and the English language. Clarity of speech is necessary to communicate ideas and information. Administration and management skills are helpful when taking care of the business aspects of a church. All of these skills will help me prepare sermons, provide counseling and conduct wedding and funeral services. and were very helpful resources. Talking with my father also helped me understand what is involved in being a pastor. I look forward to being a pastor.

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