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My Sunny Future in Meteorology

Rachel | future meteorologist

I'm Rachel, and I want to be a meteorologist. I want to be a meteorologist because I love weather! I love to learn about it and look for more ways to do that. I have wanted to be a meteorologist since I was in the third grade. My third grade teacher introduced me to weather in science. Before that I was afraid of thunderstorms, but now I love them. I enjoy checking my rain gauge.

Meteorologists have many different tasks. They can be on the television news to inform people about current and coming weather or they can stay behind the scenes and make the calculations for the predictions. Some meteorologists fly into hurricanes and chase storms to study them. Although those tasks can be exciting, I want to be a NASA meteorologist so I can study all kinds of changes in the atmosphere.

The education required to be a meteorologist is a Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology. I have to be really good in math and science.

This past summer I was accepted to attend a week-long weather camp. There were 24 of us students from 13 states - it was really cool! We learned about all kinds of meteorology equipment, including radar and weather monitoring stations. We visited the local television station and learned from their meteorologists. I am hoping to attend more meteorology and weather science camps in the future.

I convinced my parents to take me to celebrate the National Weather Festival. It was fun, and I got to see them launch several weather balloons. I also got to meet so many meteorologists from the local television stations that I lost count!

I will have opportunities for this job in the future when I go to Texas A&M and study Meteorology. I predict a sunny future in Meteorology!

Rachel's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.