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Helping The Hurt

Carson | future veterinarian

I plan to become a veterinarian when I get older. A veterinarian is a medical doctor for animals. They help animals that are injured or sick. They also help animals stay healthy and active. I love animals and know that other people love animals too. Pets help keep people happy. Certain animals are used for therapy or as service animals to help people with disabilities. Veterinarians help animals but also help people who depend on animals, and love their pets.

For my future career, I will need a doctor of veterinary medicine degree. A vet also has to pass a state test to get their license. The opportunities for this career are increasing. As more people move to Texas, they bring their pets and farm animals. To learn about becoming a veterinarian, I did online research. I also talked to my dad. He is a science teacher and knows about different careers in science. He told me about when he worked in a vet's office while in college. He explained how the vet not only saw animals in the hospital but also went out to farms to care for large animals such as horses and cattle. We talked about how I can prepare for my career as a vet. He suggested I read books about becoming a veterinarian and talk to a local vet in our town. He said I needed to become a volunteer at a clinic when I get older to really learn about this career. I am so excited about my future career and look forward to helping animals.

Carson's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.