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Computer Science

Levi | future computer programmer

Hi, I'm Levi and a career that has really taken my interest is Computer Science (Computer Programming) because I had recently built a computer for playing games on it and it has gotten me really interested in computer science. I signed up for a class at my school and I fell in love with it. Not only because I could design games, but the idea that I could create anything from nothing. Computer programming has become very popular in the past decade, and it will become VERY popular soon. The new generation is going to need more and more computer programmers, due to demand and the expansion of technology. The educational training for this job isn't as bad as, well, becoming a doctor, which requires years and years of training and school. A computer programmer can go to school for four years, then immediately begin working making 1OOk+ a year. I learned about this career mostly from building my own computer and taking the computer programming class at my school, which has a ton of resources in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field, which is my preferred endorsement. I plan to take advanced computer programming next year, and maybe do a mini coding project over the summer with some of my friends I've met in that class.

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