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Matilda | future dentist

Making someone feel good about their smile would be very rewarding and satisfying. Dentists help people prevent and treat diseases and problems with their teeth. Some things a dentist does daily are: diagnose oral problems, find and fill cavities, write prescriptions, treat chipped or damaged teeth, perform root canals, treat gum disease, and provide instructions to patients to better their dental hygiene.

There are many opportunities for dentists. A dentist can work in the military, in a hospital, or as a teacher in a dental school. Most dentists work in an office, which they may own or partner with other dentists. The average hours a dentist works per week is 30-40 hours. The average salary is approximately $150,000.00 (one hundred, fifty thousand dollars). Deciding how many hours you work each week is appealing to me.

Becoming a dentist requires extensive education and training. I will have to get a four year undergraduate degree in science, where I will study biology, chemistry, human anatomy, and other science courses. Dental school will take another four years of study. I enjoy science because of how amazing the human body is. I searched the internet to find the education requirements and yearly salary of a dentist. Becoming a dentist would be satisfying because I would be helping people feel good about themselves.

Matilda's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.