Morgan | future lawyer

Over the years my interest in careers has varied. Initially I considered a career as an occupational therapist. From there my interest in math and science led me to explore petroleum engineering. With the recent economic downturn of the oil industry and family influence, my interest has changed to law. Lawyers can specialize in one or several areas. The intellectual challenge and prestige are an added benefit in choosing law as a career. In addition, the financial security that being a lawyer offers is a motivation to endure the seven years of school.

Becoming a lawyer requires lots of studying and schoolwork. To be accepted into law school you must take and score well on the LSAT. Currently Texas has nine law schools. I plan to pursue my bachelor's degree at Texas A&M in College Station and then transfer to either The University of Texas or The University of Houston to obtain my Juris Doctorate.

According to, over the next seven years there is a projected twenty-two percent increase in the job market for lawyers in Texas. These impressive statistics give me hope for a stable job market. My exploration into the career of law has been close to home as I have three family members that are lawyers. In addition, my mother and I have examined the universities and law schools together as a family unit.

My decision to pursue a career as an attorney has motivated me to work hard in school and make wise decisions about courses and extracurricular activities. The intellectual challenge and prestige that is associated with being a lawyer makes it the perfect career for me.

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