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A Career In Video And Film Production

Morgan | future video/film producer

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! For as long as I can remember, I have wanted a career in video and film production. My father is a producer and I love going to his studio. I have been in many videos that are posted on his news site, and at least three of them have over 10,000 views! I love being in the videos, but being a part of the production and seeing what goes on behind the scenes is what really excites me. I go to the studio with my father every chance I get to learn as much as I can.

Production is so much fun that I started my own YouTube Channel so I could do it whenever I want. I create videos and my dad and I edit them. I am proud that I entertain people, and they like my videos. It is awesome when people give me positive feedback and tell me to keep doing what I 'm doing. I just applied to a middle school program that has a really cool mass media program, and if I am accepted I can learn more about this at school!

My mother showed me "The Occupational Outlook Handbook", where I learned about what kind of training I need for this career and what the opportunities will be for this type of work in the future. I was happy to learn that the job outlook is good because the field is supposed to grow faster than average. I also learned that the typical entry-level education is a Bachelor's Degree, which is also good because I want to go to college. The average salary is $69,100, so I probably won't ever be rich, but that is okay because I will be happy to go to work and be creative!

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