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My Rocky Career Plans

Noah | future geologist

The career I am interested in is geologist. When I was in elementary school, in Gifted and Talented we did career choice, and I chose geologist. Two years later I'm still interested in that. Geologists travel the world examining rocks, and that sounds fun. I've always wanted to visit places I've never seen before. I like learning about the world and how it's changed over the past millions of years.

My family went on vacation to Glacier National Park. There were a lot of big mountains and cool rock formations. On top of one of the mountains there was a huge glacier slowly flowing down into rivers, coloring them greenish blue. On most of our vacations we go to stores that have little bags of rocks that you can buy. I always like to buy them and look at the different colors of rocks. I have three different bags from the places we've visited.

A bachelor's degree is needed for this career. Most colleges offer a bachelor's degree in geology from the science department. I would need to take specialized classes in geology in addition to other science classes as well as the basic classes that all undergraduates need, like math.

According to my research on the Internet, demand for geologists is supposed to remain high for the next several years. One of the things I've done to learn about being a geologist is look at YouTube videos about how the earth was formed. Twice when I had science projects, I did geology projects. One of my projects was testing to see which acids dissolved more of limestone rocks. Another project we dropped oil on top of sedimentary rocks to see which rocks soaked up oil better. We went to the state science contest and my project got first place.

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