Sloan | future entrepreneur

I'd like to see myself as a person who can have their own ideas, who is creative, imaginative, who is there to take charge when things get out of hand. That's why I want to be an entrepreneur. My reasoning to be an entrepreneur is that my dad was an entrepreneur and that's what inspired me, and my mom saying "you can be anything that your heart desires," and encouraging me every day. And also watching my brother growing up ready for his own career. I know what I'm getting myself into, there would be risks and I'd have to take action at times. But I know if I really think hard and put my beliefs into it I could do anything my heart desires. Plus I know there would be many questions from my employers and employees and I would have to answer all. And that would be ok cause I would love to answer all of their questions. When in business selling my products I would merge companies with my own company so I could have more opportunities. While doing that I would have a strategy to success. I also feel like if my company was well known I could inspire people young and old just like I am now.

Sloan's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.