Taryn | future nurse

First, since I was in elementary I have loved Science. My parents have said that and I remember it. I think because of the experiments. They intrigued me because they involve discovery. I am a hands-on type of learner. I have not always made the best grades in it but it is still my favorite subject.

Second, in sixth grade, I started volunteering with my mom at my church to help people with disabilities. I get to buddy up with a child with a disability for an evening of fun at my church while their parents go out on a date. It is a favorite activity of mine that I do once a month and have been doing for the last four years. I absolutely love it!

These two facts about me help me know that I want to go into Nursing. I am taking a medical terminology and biology class in school right now that interest me. They have helped me think more about being a nurse. Nurses have to want to help people and enjoy science. I think if you are a funny person and a nurse that will help patients be comfortable easier. I can make people laugh easily.

Onet Online says that nurses make about $66,000 a year. That is a good salary and appealing to me. I plan and hope to get a volleyball scholarship to a Division 1 college so that I can get a bachelors degree in nursing. My top choice is the University of Texas at Austin. Onet Online also talks about how nursing is a career that will grow faster than other careers in the future. I can see why because the population is growing and that means society will need more medical help in the future.

I think I will have to be very detail oriented and organized to become a nurse, but I am up for the challenge!

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