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Looking Towards the Future

Earl – future software engineer

As children around the world move along in the stages of life, many begin to realize that they'll need to pursue a career that will allow them to be self-sufficient. I believe that having a general idea of what section of the work industry you would like to be a part of ahead of time is the right way to go about selecting a career that appeals to you. As for me, I believe that I want to be a computer software engineer.

Yes, I said "I BELIEVE", because I have noticed that many kids are not able to decide on one career early in life and stick with it until time to attend college. The same goes for me. When I was in first grade, I wanted to be a secret agent; in fifth grade, I wanted to pursue a job in medicine and be an anesthesiologist; now, I look towards the future and see what job would appeal to me later on.

According to experts at, Computer Software Engineers take the principles of computer science, mathematics, and engineering, and apply them to evaluating, designing, and testing programs that people can run on their machines. To many, this may sound like a very sophisticated and hands-on job, and I agree, but it sounds exciting to me! Ever since I was a year old, I've had a fascination with technology. I would sit in my dad's lap as a child, and my fingers would always find a way to wander over to his keyboard as he worked. And although he wasn't a fan of me disturbing his workflow, he took notice and bought me my first laptop when I was 6 years old.

Becoming a software engineer may take a while, but I believe it will pay off. Aspiring computer software engineers need to attend a college that can offer higher level courses in computer science, software engineering, computer information systems, or mathematics.

Many employers will require you have a Bachelor's Degree or higher. According to, computer software engineers must have strong problem-solving and communication skills and an aptitude for math and science. They should also possess good programming capabilities, an in-depth knowledge of programming languages, an attention to detail, and an ability to handle multiple tasks at once.

I can see many opportunities for this occupation in the future. Based on how much our society has changed (technology wise), I can predict that later on, many jobs relating to technology will be in high demand.

I believe that it's never too early to educate yourself on something that you are passionate about. I've begun to read more on the role of the computer software engineer so that I can get a glimpse into what their work environment is like. If I was a software engineer, I would develop programs to help make a less polluted Earth.

Earl's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.