Izabella – future actress

The career I want to pursue in the future is to become an actress. When I knew I wanted to act was around the age of seven when I had gone to a day camp. In the drama class I took, we had a skit coming up about nine superheroes with different talents and I personally think I had the best talent out of the other eight. My talent was humor! There is nothing better than making people feel joy in their hearts. I sure do love to make people laugh. I am very interested in this career because it is fun pretending you are someone different on stage. I enjoy feeling the tension you experience before you know you are abut to put on a show. I will need an education from a university that offers theater arts or drama. I would most likely attend a four year university and learn as much as I could.

The steps I would then take is finding a manager or an agent to sign with. Next, I would get a professional headshot and get into a drama class right after. The last step would be preparing a monologue. My siblings would help me and make sure I am ready to go along with my talent. When shifting into this career, I might need to learn how to play certain instruments or read in a foreign language for a role.

I am extremely exited just waiting for this opportunity to come and winning a scholarship would be a huge leap forward and the beginning for my career.

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