James – future artist

Like any boy, I've always mimicked and made sound effects. My parents encouraged me early on to draw, so I have notebooks full of elaborate, action-packed scenes. I gradually added voices to my stories while I played.

My family tells me that I would make a good actor, but I never liked the attention. Then I saw Disney's Bolt. Rhino was the cutest LITTLE hamster with a HUMONGOUS personality. He was Bolt's biggest fan and I was his! Then it hit me: that was exactly what I had been doing since I was three. Perfect!

I am an artist at heart and love to create. I can lift words off the page and breathe life into them. Professionals say that they require no formal education, but most train with coaches, in classes, studios, and workshops. I plan to take business classes in college, since there will be more private companies, and I will need to understand the rapidly changing industries involved.

Employment is no longer limited to big studios. Entertainment exists today in hybrid forms on multiple platforms. Webcomics, like the popular Cyanide & Happiness, are independently produced, started humbly by teenagers with a just a computer and internet access. Beyond entertainment, videos can now be made from downloadable apps to tell stories or greet loved ones. Numerous businesses offer animation services to make presentations, advertise, explain products/services, and even teach.

I discovered information by surveying various websites. I read articles and watched videos of artists and editors collaborating to produce their works. I enjoyed observing the process, and am inspired to experiment with greater bearing and purpose.

Animation and voice acting are limitless. Pursuing them allows me to continue learning and growing, which expands my creativity. The more I practice, the better I can become. I can have fun myself, while entertaining others and developing my skills at the same time.

James's essay appears here as written, to preserve the young author’s unique voice and individual writing style. However, we have deleted personally identifiable information to protect the student’s privacy.