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My Love for Animals

Makenzie – future veterinarian

I have been interested in attending school at Texas A&M University for the study of Veterinary Medicine, since age eight because I love to help animals. Texas A&M College Station is near me and has one of the best veterinary programs. I made the decision to be a veterinarian because I truthfully love animals. I would never want to see an animal in pain or suffering. I also never want to see a human in pain because their pet is dying or injured.

I know I will need to attend many years of school and study a lot in order to become a veterinarian. I will probably need around seven to ten years of college to become a veterinarian. I will need a four-year bachelor's degree before moving on to veterinary medicine school. Since I want to be a veterinarian, I would need to go to college right after I graduate high school because I might not get another chance to do it. Being a veterinarian is a great opportunity for me because of my love for animals and because veterinarian's make good money. On average, they make $50,480 to $141,680 per year. I would not want to miss my chance of having a good job that I will love to go to everyday. If I was given the opportunity to help an animal, I would do whatever it takes to save them. I have a cat and two dogs that I put before myself and I would do the same for any other animal.

To find out what the average veterinarian makes per year, I went to I also went to, to find out how long I would need to attend school.

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