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Noah – future fisheries biologist

The career I am interested in is fisheries biologist. A fisheries biologist is a person who helps the environment and makes the world better for future generations. They don't only help people but also aquatic life so species can reproduce and not go extinct. My mom is a biologist and I go to work with her sometimes. She helped me learn to understand it and learn more. I also use the website of the AIBS (American Institute of Biological Sciences).

I will go to high school and be able to take classes of my choice that will help me proceed in doing what I what to do. One of the classes I am taking as a freshman is Pre AP biology. I am also taking Algebra 2 which is the hardest math you can take as a freshman. I am taking the hardest biology and math because I need to understand science and math in the future.

Next month I am going to GRTU (Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited) Youth trout camp. Trout camp helps you learn about the Guadalupe River and all the fish that help the ecosystem thrive and grow. They also teach you how to fly fish and learn about trout and how it is put in the Guadalupe River because of its temperature.

For my college degree I need to get at least a bachelor's degree. There is several majors I can do, one of them is Biology, which is probably the best one. Some other classes I will need to take are math, geology, and chemistry. I should also do internships and volunteer work.

Over the next few years people will start to retire, which makes openings for younger people to take over. As long as there are fish there will be fisheries biologists.

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