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Doctors Without Borders

Reina – future neurosurgeon

I am interested in pursuing a career with Doctors Without Borders because they travel to third world countries and help overcome day to day challenges of disease and living, they also provide a large spectrum of food, medicine, and equipment that is simply not available or affordable. They also help grow foods and remedies and help educate individuals to have a cleaner environment and healthier life style. I am interested in this career because I have an interest in helping others and have talked about giving shoes to children in third world countries. I have always wanted to help people that are less fortunate than I am.

For this type of job career I would need a bachelors degree in a related health care field and would need to go to medical school and complete a residency and a fellowship in Neuro Science. My goal or desire is to become a neurosurgeon.

In this type of field there are many job opportunities today and in the future because this field is so specialized that being a neurosurgeon is in demand. There are not that many neurosurgeons today.

The steps I took to learn about this career is that I completed research online and used previous knowledge I had by completing a major assignment last year which involved what I wanted to have as a future career. I want to help people and I can do that by pursuing a career with Doctors Without Borders.

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