Sarah – future wildlife veterinarian

My career of choice is a wildlife veterinarian. I would like to become a wildlife veterinarian because one of my biggest interests is animals. Unlike treating house pets like hamsters, dogs, and small cats, I would like to help and work with farm animals, forest animals, jungle animals, etc. In a G.T. summer camp for school I learned more about veterinarians and wildlife. There I learned that you need to go to school for a specific amount of time and take specific classes, such as animal medicine. To become a wildlife veterinarian you need to go to college for four years and attend a veterinary school. Once you have completed that, you will need to study Zoo med for as long as five years. The yearly pay for a wild life vet varies depending on what you choose to specialize in. The pay could range anywhere between $97,000 and $127,000 a year, according to 6071.html . Becoming a veterinarian takes time and effort. Being a veterinarian, you could receive your work in different ways. You could have your own office, work at a clinic, work on call, etc. Just like humans get sick and injured, animals can get sick and injured, as well. For this reason, there will always be a demand for veterinarians. Animals are amazing creatures and they need to be healthy, that is the main reason why I would like to become a wildlife veterinarian.

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