Yanet – future communications major

Hi my name is Yanet and I would like to study communication. The study of how people have communicated with each other over time. The basic steps of communication are the forming of communicative intent, message composition, message encoding, transmission of signal, reception of signal, message decoding and finally interpretation. How people communicate now is different from how people communicated five years ago while most of the change has been made by the creation of technology. Social media has had a significant impact on our change in communication as well. People are so caught up in Snapchat, lnstagram, Twitter etc. People do not realize that it's better to communicate in person than on a screen. You would not be able to see a person's smile on a screen. People can flip the camera on Facetime but not in person.

Sometimes we try to communicate a message through technology, but the messages can be taken the wrong way. For example, someone might send a harmless joke while the reader interprets it as an insult. I can also relate because sometimes I must clarify to my friends what I meant.

Lately, technology has advanced so much that you can contact someone else across the world. I do not necessarily need to send a physical letter to the receivers because technology has improved communication such as with email.

To research the field of communication I utilize the internet as my main resource.

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