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Advanced Placement and Credit By Examination

Through The College Board, there are three major ways in which a student may qualify for advanced placement and/or credit by examination. They are the Advanced Placement Program® (AP®), the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP®), and the SAT Subject Tests. You may visit to examine the credit-by-exam policies of colleges and universities.

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Program (AP®) offers 35 college level courses and exams in 20 subject areas. These courses are taught in high school by high school teachers. The AP® Program provides an opportunity for intellectual excitement and is an excellent means of curriculum enrichment and strengthening. Exams are offered in May for all courses except AP® Studio Art, which requires a portfolio. Both the AP® Chinese Language and Culture Exam and the AP® Japanese Language and Culture Exam will be offered in May 2008. A major portion of each exam is devoted to free response questions. Fee reductions are available for eligible students. See your AP® Coordinator for information.

College-Level Examination Program

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP®) is designed to measure learning regardless of where it might have occurred -- in or out of the classroom. High school students may apply to take these examinations and use the results for advanced placement and/or credit at their colleges. Every college and test center establishes its own policies and procedures for administering the exams and/or awarding credit.

CLEP® offers 34 examinations, each covering a different subject area. Each examination is computer-based, 90 minutes long and, except for English Composition with Essay, is made up primarily of multiple-choice questions. Tests may be taken thoughout the year at CLEP Test Centers (

SAT® Subject Tests

SAT® Subject Tests are one-hour, end-of-course exams which allow students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have developed in high school courses taken at the college preparatory level. The tests may be taken in grades 9 through 12, immediately following the specific course(s). These tests are used for admission and/or placement at various universities. Students with particular interest in science, history, writing, etc. and those who terminate their study of a language after three years should consider one or more of these tests. There are five general subject areas: (1) English: Literature; (2) History and Social Studies: United States History, World History; (3) Mathematics: Math Level I, Math Level II (both use calculators); (4) Sciences: Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics; and (5) Languages: Chinese with Listening, French, French with Listening, German, German with Listening, Modern Hebrew, Italian, Japanese with Listening, Korean with Listening, Latin, Spanish, and Spanish with Listening.

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