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Alternative Fuels Program

Aiming to improve Texas' energy security and air quality, the Alternative Fuels Program supports public fleets that deploy alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and build associated fueling infrastructure. The program thrives on strong local initiatives and a flexible approach to developing alternative fuels markets, providing participants with options to address problems unique to their cities and fostering partnerships to help overcome them.

Using alternative fuels can have significant economic and environmental benefits for fleets and the driving public; it also can help reduce our nation's dependence on imported petroleum. As defined by the Energy Policy Act of 1992, the U.S. Department of Energy currently recognizes the following as alternative fuels:

  • methanol, ethanol and other alcohols
  • blends of 85 percent or more of alcohol with gasoline
  • natural gas and liquid fuels domestically produced from natural gas
  • liquefied petroleum gas (propane)
  • coal-derived liquid fuels
  • hydrogen
  • electricity
  • P-series
  • fuels (other than alcohol) derived from biological materials including pure biodiesel (B100)

For more information about the Alternative Fuels Program, contact Program Manager John Kyere.