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Clean Energy Incubators

SECO supports clean energy company growth and development through the development and sustainability of Clean Energy Incubators at public universities in Texas. While its primary purpose is job creation through helping clean energy companies grow and develop, SECO seeks to create a sustainable Clean Energy Incubation network that works closely with both the public higher education institution and the surrounding community.

SECO's Clean Energy Incubator program currently supports two incubators, the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.

The University of Texas at Austin Clean Energy Incubator has the following core principles.

  • Job, opportunity and wealth creation through technology entrepreneurship
  • Solving global problems by fostering science-based entrepreneurship at American universities, and
  • Strengthening community through developing local and statewide entrepreneurial ecosystems around clean tech (energy, water, waste and transportation).

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) Clean Energy Incubator has the following core principles.

  • Get clean energy companies ready for investment and matched with investors
  • Provide an environment that engages university and community technological, commercialization, business and investor resources
  • Bring new companies to Texas and the region as well as jobs to the local economy
  • Help keep fledging and troubled clean energy companies in business, and
  • Help commercialize technologies from the TEES network of institutions.

For more information about Clean Energy Incubators, contact Program Manager Eddy Trevino.