North Carolina Resident Bidder Preference

Revised March 2, 2015

North Carolina General Statutes, §143-59. Preference is given as far as practicable to products or services manufactured or produced in North Carolina or furnished by or through citizens of North Carolina, provided there is no sacrifice or loss in price or quality.

North Carolina Governor's Executive Order No. 50 (February 17, 2010). On contracts for purchases of goods, the Secretary of Administration is directed to develop a "price matching" protocol for North Carolina resident bidders whose price is within 5.0% or $10,000 of the lowest bid (whichever is less). See http://www.pandc.nc.gov/Documents/NC-Preference-FAQs.pdf.


North Carolina General Statutes, §143-59. For purposes only of determining the low bidder on contracts for equipment, materials, supplies, and services valued over $25,000, a percent increase is added to a bid of a nonresident bidder equal to the percent increase, if any, that the nonresident bidder's state adds to bids from bidders that do not reside in that state.

North Carolina General Statutes, §143-64.31. Resident firms providing architectural, engineering, surveying, or construction management at-risk services, design build services, or public-private partnership construction services are granted a preference over nonresident firms, in the same manner, on the same basis, and to the extent that a preference is granted in awarding contracts for these services by the other state to its resident firms over firms resident in North Carolina. "Resident firm" is defined as one that has paid unemployment taxes or income taxes in North Carolina and whose principal place of business is located in North Carolina.