Citibank Charge Card Program: Program Audit Tool

A powerful card activity monitoring tool, the Citi® Program Audit Tool (PAT) increases efficiencies, effectively oversees cardholders’ spend activity and alerts you to transactions that are not within preset program parameters. PAT gives Program Administrators the ability to review an entire portfolio of accounts and drill down into individual transactions as needed, helping you maintain diligent control and transparency over all daily transactions.

  • PAT provides a complete snapshot of transaction activity across your card program

    Gain enhanced visibility into all of your organization’s spend activity by identifying transactions and accounts of interest against either our standard rule set or your specific parameters. These transactions are flagged as exceptions to be verified by reviewers based on your existing policy requirements. Program Administrators can easily adjust the filtering criteria at any time by refining existing rules or creating new ones.

  • Execute constant vigilance over your treasury and financial activity

    With 24/7 online access, PAT allows you to easily establish a systematic, documented procedure for monitoring monthly card usage. By deploying a rule-based workflow, PAT controls a user’s access to the various stages in the audit process based on defined roles, ensuring accountability, integrity and efficiency.

  • Client-defined rule sets

    Program Administrators develop rule sets assigned to specific hierarchies. Violations are tracked and audited internally with comments and pending actions recorded by the Citi Program Audit Tool. While Program Administrators control the rule sets and can browse suspect transactions, Program Administrators have no interaction in the review process.

  • Review process

    Superior drilldown capabilities enable reviewers to see the Transaction Summary Dashboard to review violations, make comments and complete, edit or reject the transaction. PAT helps you uncover exceptions quickly and minimize misuse by ensuring cardholders adhere to your organizational policies.

  • Securing new levels of control and transparency

    PAT delivers detailed information on your program activity while providing the data necessary to simplify your monthly audit processes. Eight standard and audit reports are available to report key financial data. Reports are systematically generated and distributed only to the tool’s enabled roles for the hierarchies they oversee. Access to information is available 48 hours after each statement cycle and output may be retrieved via Excel or Adobe PDF files.