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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Citibank Charge Card Program: Online Program Tools

Reporting and Program Management

Citi's online tools help you manage your card program more effectively, providing increased efficiency, transparency, compliance and control. The Citi Global Card Management System makes it easy to manage accounts and account controls, while Citi's expense management tools provide access to critical business intelligence for more effective strategic decision making and improved vendor negotiations.

Citi Global Card Management System

Providing powerful data management and reporting tools, the Citi Global Card Management System offers a convenient, single point of access for:

  • Reviewing, reconciling, splitting and reallocating transactions
  • Creating and modifying accounts
  • Setting up or changing controls for individual cardholders
  • Review and approval of cardholder statements

General capabilities:

  • Password management and customizable access controls
  • User guides for program administrator and cardholder training
  • Extended capabilities for integration with your financial systems and processes
  • Secure electronic access to your program data
  • Daily updates of program information

Card Management

  • Create new accounts and specify account controls
  • View and modify account information, as well as hierarchy and department information

Transaction Data

  • Access individual transactions based on specific search criteria
  • Review, reconcile and reallocate transactions
  • Integrate transaction files with your financial accounting systems, choosing from several options for file layout and delivery
  • Retrieve online statements by cardholder, cycle or statement status
  • Review and approve statements
  • Initiate transaction disputes and monitor their status
Citibank® Custom Reporting System (CCRS)

Timely access to the right data is essential in successfully managing expenses. Citi's CCRS helps you capture and manage expense information related to your card transactions from line-item details to consolidated transaction data and everything in between. CCRS provides you with precisely the details you need to:

  • Negotiate better contracts with vendors
  • Analyze and understand employee spending habits
  • Ensure compliance with organizational and/or regulatory policies

Comprehensive Data, Flexible Delivery

Create dynamic queries with easy-to-use wizards and download data into spreadsheet, database or word processing formats—all from a single application that provides you with:

  • Online access to over 600 data elements, including Level 3 detail
  • Stored customizations by user for faster report set-up
  • E-mail notification so you can retrieve reports at your convenience
  • The ability to schedule reports to run when you need them
  • The capability to drill down to deeper levels of detail
  • The ability to handle Travel Card disputes within the Citi system through CCRS, for more informed and effective dispute management
Citibank® Electronic Reporting System

The key to increased program efficiency and effective expense management is in the details. That is why Citi provides card program managers with the most advanced online data management and reporting tools available. Tools that deliver to your desktop valuable details about card users' transactions—everything from line-item and folio level details to consolidated global transactions. Tools like the Citibank® Electronic Reporting System make it easier and faster to download, manage and distribute transaction reports.

Powerful Technology Increases Security

Citi's advanced technology and global proprietary processing systems ensure the security and integrity of your data and transactions. Access data 24/7 using our easy-to-navigate menus.

Streamlined Report Management

Maximize the value of your Citi commercial card program by reducing or eliminating costs related to running, distributing and storing paper reports. Our online presentation of data, reports and files allows you to:

  • Select, download and print billing, mapper/reallocation files and reports
  • Search reports online
  • Receive e-mail notifications when files or reports become available