Citibank Charge Card Program: Training Programs and Resources

Citi’s Commercial Card training professionals are experts at demonstrating best practices to manage and optimize commercial card programs. Citi works with the State during the transition to identify your specific training needs and tailors your training program curriculum accordingly. Citi provides each type of user—from the cardholder to the power user—with the appropriate and relevant learning experience, offering training that includes:

  • On-site training: As you transition your card program, Citi will provide hands-on training for Program Administrators. Training includes program management, navigation of Citi’s tools, account maintenance, online statements, and reporting.
  • Online training: Citi provides interactive and/or pre-recorded Webinar training on a variety of topics. Interactive Webinar training enables users to view the system, communicate with our trainers while connected in real-time through the Internet, and keep current on the latest enhancements to the Citi online tools.
  • Video teleconferencing: Citi’s state-of-the-art video conferencing classroom has the capability to transmit live classroom training around the world.
  • 24/7 CLASS training: Designed for Commercial Card Program Administrators, the Citi Commercial Card Learning and System Support (CLASS) provides 24/7 access to training resources through a single sign-on hosted by CitiManager. CLASS provides a one-stop shop to register for classes and access training materials that include Power Points and Computer Based Training. CLASS also provides training transcripts and certificates of completion for completed coursework.
  • Training materials: A wide variety of printable training materials are available including User Guides for program administrators and cardholders on Program Management, Implementation and our Reporting Module.

Training Kits

A training kit is available in print or as a CD and includes:

  • Desk Guide outlining: recommended day-to-day program specific functions and reporting that will assist in streamlining program management duties.
  • Central Billed Account (CBA) Reconciliation Guide for the travel card program administrators that have CBA reconciliation responsibilities: provides a step-by-step explanation of the reconciliation process.
  • Resource material that program administrators can use to advise other program participants of available training resources.
  • Training request form to schedule special training sessions for groups of 20 or more program administrators at agency meetings or conferences.

Post-Implementation Support

In addition to the support of your Client Account Service Manager, who works as a liaison to all areas of Citi support, you may also benefit from the experience of our Product Development Team and the Technical Help Desk.