purchasing Statewide Mail Operations

Interagency Mail Service

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts operates an interagency mail service delivering unstamped or non-metered written communications and packages up to 70 pounds between state agencies located in Travis County, in accordance with Texas Government Code 2176.051.

Participating agencies using the interagency mail service save money by eliminating postage fees for letters, flats and parcels delivered between state agency locations served.

Interagency mail is picked up and delivered at least once per day for each location served. Use of the United States Postal Service (USPS) is prohibited for mailing interagency communications located in Travis County, unless required by state or federal law.

Note: State employees may not use the interagency mail service for personal mail delivery.

To send interagency mail:

  • Write or stamp "INTERAGENCY" across the front of the envelope or parcel.
  • Complete the address, including:
    • agency name
    • recipient's name (i.e., agency division, department or personnel)
    • mail code, room number or mail stop, and
    • street address.

Separation of Interagency Mail from USPS Mail

All interagency mail must be separated from mail requiring postage. Use the Interoffice Transfer envelope available from the state-term contract (commodity code 966-31-68) for printed envelopes. Affix and print the recipient's address.

United States Postal Service Mail Service

Upon agreement between the Comptroller's State Mail Office and the requesting agency, United States Postal Service (USPS), mail may be delivered to and from USPS via interagency mail. Outgoing USPS mail may be metered upon agreement between the Comptroller's State Mail Office and the requesting agency. USPS mail shall be collected at least once a day during business hours, with the exception of state and national holidays.

For additional information regarding Statewide Mail Operations, contact Nicklaus Watson, SPD Statewide Mail, at 512-936-8458 or Mail Operations at 512-463-3440.