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Delivery of State Warrants

Delivery of State Warrants

Texas Government Code 2176.053 states that state warrants may be delivered in a manner agreed to by the Comptroller and the affected agency. Agencies that wish to use this service for warrant delivery must complete CPA Form 74-189, Agency Authorization for Warrant Pickup and submit the form to Fiscal Management – Payment Services at CPA. For additional information regarding Form 74-189, please call CPA Payment Services at 512-936-8138.

To request Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) as the authorized agent for pickup and delivery of their warrants, agencies must send a copy of the Agency Authorization for Warrant Pickup to the State Mail Office.

Send or email the form to: spd.mailroom@cpa.texas.gov
SPD State Mail Office
Central Services Building
1711 San Jacinto Blvd.
Austin, TX 78711

Once an agency's authorization is on file with Fiscal Management Payment Services and the SPD State Mail Office, contact the Mail Operations Office at 512-463-3440 for complete instructions on state warrant delivery and handling procedures.

State Warrants are normally delivered on the afternoon delivery run of the State Mail Office Messengers. This is between 11:45 A.M. and 2:45 P.M. except on Federal and State holidays.

For additional information regarding Statewide Mail Operations, contact Nicklaus Watson, SPD Statewide Mail, at 512-936-8458 or Mail Operations at 512-463-3440.