purchasing Statewide Mail Operations

Mail Equipment And Services

State Mail Services Contract

The 915-58 mail services contract for mail services, includes barcode and presort of first class and standard letters and flats.

For more information, please contact Statewide Mail Office Contract Administrator Ruben Gonzales with Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) at 512-475-5605.

Expedited Parcel Delivery

Expedited Parcel Delivery (915-M2) service includes pick-up, processing for postage, sort and deliver material to the appropriate United States USPS Destination Deliver Unit, Processing and Distribution Center and/or Bulk Mail Centers anywhere within the 48 contiguous states, in accordance with USPS regulations. This service offers delivery to a USPS facility within a maximum 15-hour period, and is intended for single piece standard mail weighing 3.1 ounces to 70 pounds, as well as mail containing bound printed matter between 1-15 pounds.

Overnight, Second Day, Ground Delivery Services

The state of Texas Lone Star Overnight Express Air Mail Delivery contract (962-M1) and FedEx are used for delivery of parcels to USPS Zones 2-5 requiring Overnight, Second Day, Ground Delivery Services. Details may be found on the Texas Smart Buy webpage.

This contract provides pickup service for small parcels, not to exceed 150 pounds, originating from any qualified ordering entity as defined in the Texas Government Code 2151.002 and Texas Administrative Code 113.2, addressed to locations exclusively within the 48 contiguous United States.

State Agencies and Vendors

A number of vendors and state agencies provide various mailing services including but not limited to: folding, inserting, labeling and other cost effective options for mail processing. The contract that handles these and printing services is the Printing Services 966-B1 Contract. For more information, contact SPD Outreach at 512-463-3034 option 1, or spd.outreach@cpa.texas.gov.

Mail Contracts

Find many types of mail equipment through SPD state contracts on the TxSmartBuy website.