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Training Opportunities

USPS and Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) Statewide Mail Operations Special Sessions: USPS in conjunction with the SPD State Mail Office, provides mail-related training. Topics include, but are not limited to: mail piece design, addressing for success, mail preparation, international mail and hazardous mail. Agency specific mail training may be provided upon request.

National Postal Forum (NPF): The National Postal Forum is the mailing industry's largest and most comprehensive annual educational program, featuring an industry track for state and local governments, as well as colleges and universities. For agenda or more information, contact the USPS Customer Relations Representative at Cross Park General Mail Facility at 512-342-1236.

Mail Center Security: SPD Statewide Mail Operations has developed a comprehensive and effective mail center security program designed to increase security awareness related to mail bombs, biological, chemical and radiological threats.

For additional information regarding Statewide Mail Operations, contact Nicklaus Watson, SPD Statewide Mail, at 512-936-8458 or Mail Operations at 512-463-3440.