State Travel Management Program – Airline Contract

Awarded Vendor(s)

American Airlines800-433-7300

JetBlue Airways888-538-2583, prompt #3

Contract Term

October 1, 2015 to August 31, 2020

Contract Information

The state of Texas airline fares are designed for last minute and/or fully-refundable travel requirements. These city-pairs provide maximum flexibility in traveling as fares are not subject to restrictions or penalties on last minute, refundable tickets. However, this flexibility means the rates are not always at the lowest cost to the state. When possible, state agencies and institutions of higher education should utilize 14-day advance or other lower cost airline fares for planned travel requirements to obtain the lowest possible cost to the state.

City-pair listings are one-way, in alphabetical order only, and applicable in both directions. Domestic airline fares listed include the 7.5% Federal Excise Ticket Tax, but do not include segment fees ($3.40 per segment), passenger facility charges (up to $4.50), security fees (up to $5.00 one-way or $10 round trip), fuel surcharges or any other mandatory fees assessed by the airlines, airports, and/or local governments.

The Comptroller's office has also secured airline fares in international markets. The fares in these markets do not include TAXES, SEGMENT FEES, PASSENGER FACILITY CHARGES (PFCs), security fees or any other mandatory fees.

Baggage Fees

American Airlines, as a courtesy, had previously waived checked baggage fees for the first two pieces of luggage when state contract airfare was purchased. Effective May 15, 2009, American begin assessing their standard checked baggage fees.

JetBlue Airways currently allows each customer to check one bag for free up to 50 pounds and one carry on for free.

Baggage charges that are related to state business are reimbursable. It is assumed that the first checked bag is necessary to complete business travel. Charges for excessive baggage may be reimbursed as long as the travel is related to state business (e.g. state-owned equipment).

Agencies are responsible for ensuring the reasonableness of the reimbursement and number of bags necessary. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Expenditure Assistance at 512-475-0966.


Services to be provided are for elected and appointed state officers; state agency employees, including employees of institutions of higher education; employees and officers of participating Texas counties, municipalities, public/community junior colleges, and school districts; emergency communication districts established under Chapter 772, Health and Safety Code; and other persons traveling on official business on behalf of these participating entities when their travel expenses are paid by the governmental entity. This last category includes, but is not limited to, wards of the state, prisoners, indigent patients being transported by the state, and unpaid speakers invited by state agencies whose transportation, lodging, meals, and incidental business travel expenses related to travel are paid by the state agency or any other properly authorized entity.

Group travel, cost reimbursable contractors, paid speakers, and personal travel are NOT eligible to utilize the state of Texas airline fares.

Method of Payment

The mandatory form of payment for all airline fares is the state-issued corporate travel charge card accounts.

For members of the Texas Legislature, any form of payment may be used based on compatibility with ticketing and distribution channels. When applicable, for these individuals, a Texas Department of Public Safety official legislative identification card is all that is required to use the state of Texas airline fares.

Booking Codes

The fare basis codes of "YCATX" and "_CATX" are to identify the state of Texas rates for each city-pair. The YCATX fare is last seat availability. The "_CATX" fare basis code indicates a market that is capacity-controlled by the airline with a limited number of seats available at the state of Texas rate. The far right hand column includes the fare code for those city-pairs that were awarded a "_CATX" fare.

Booking Contract Fares

American Airlines:

  • American's toll-free reservations 800-433-7300*;
  • The state's contract travel agency, National Travel Systems; or
  • Travel agencies utilized by institutions of higher education or travel eligible Texas Smartbuy Members.
  • Note: American charges a $25 ticketing fee for domestic reservations booked through their toll-free reservation centers.

JetBlue Airways:

  • JetBlue's Sales Support Desk 888-538-2583, prompt #3.
  • Traveler or arranger is to identify themselves as a State of Texas representative.
  • Hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., MST, outside of this time ask to speak to Crew Support.

Tips for Booking Airfares

  • Know your entity's booking procedures and travel policies.
  • Compare state of Texas fares to general published fares.
  • Understand the fare rules/restrictions when purchasing non-refundable tickets.
  • Be flexible with your flight times. (Several hours can make $200+ difference.)
  • Consider alternative airports in multi-airport cities.
  • If you're an infrequent traveler and considering non-refundable fares, are tickets transferable should your trip be canceled?
  • Confirm your itinerary BEFORE ticketing to avoid making ticket changes and incurring additional costs. (i.e. dates, times, fare, services, etc.)
Other Resources

Below are other alternatives when considering lowest total cost or when contract exceptions apply.

Southwest Airlines

Many state entities have established accounts for Southwest Airlines' SWABIZ booking tool. Although Southwest no longer provides state contract airline fares, state entities may still utilize SWABIZ when booking for lower total cost or when contract carriers are not a viable option. To obtain the fares from Southwest, go to swabiz.com and log in using your entity's "Company ID". Travelers should ensure procedures regarding their state agency's travel policies are followed. Contact your state agency's travel coordinator for any questions.

For those entities not enrolled in SWABIZ and need a "Company ID", go to swabiz.com , and enter your zip code in the field provided to contact the nearest SWABIZ representative.

RFP 962-M8 Airline City-Pair Awards