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Property Tax Survey Data and Reports

The Tax Code requires the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts to administer several surveys and issue reports summarizing the data reported through those surveys. The Comptroller's office compiles information submitted by property owners, their representatives, appraisal districts and taxing units, and publishes it electronically on this website.

The Comptroller's office is not responsible for the accuracy of the data reported to it, but only for accurately compiling and publishing the data received. The Comptroller's office is not advocating for any group reporting data through its surveys and is not authorized to offer legal advice about any matter reported herein.

Appraisal Review Board Survey Data

Tax Code Section 5.103(e) requires the Comptroller to provide a survey to gather public comments and suggestions concerning appraisal review boards (ARBs). Tax Code Section 5.103(f) requires the Comptroller’s office to issue an annual report summarizing comments and suggestions received from property owners. Survey responses are collected from February to December for the current tax year, compiled into a reportable format and published on the Comptroller’s website the following year.

The Comptroller’s office does not have jurisdiction to intervene in local tax matters or take direct action on any comment or suggestion submitted.

Additional Resources

Operations Survey Data

Tax Code Section 5.03(b) authorizes the Comptroller to require an annual report on the administration and operation of appraisal offices. From April to June of each year the Property Tax Assistance Division uses the Appraisal District Operations Survey to collect benchmark data that appraisal districts can use in assessing how they compare to other appraisal districts; details on appraisal district operations and other information useful to the Texas Legislature, other policy makers and taxpayers.

The Comptroller's office collects responses to the Appraisal District Operations Survey electronically through the online survey links sent to each appraisal district. A non-fillable PDF version of the survey is available for use as a working copy only upon request. Appraisal district staff members must enter the appraisal district's responses directly into the online survey. Paper copies are not accepted.

The information in the Additional Resources box is a collection of the responses to the Appraisal District Operations Survey as reported by the appraisal districts.

Property Tax Biennial Report

Tax Code Section 5.09 requires the Comptroller to electronically publish a biennial report of the total appraised values and taxable values of taxable property by category, together with the tax rate of each county, municipality, and school district in effect for the two-year period reported. The data and values reported are submitted by appraisal districts to the Comptroller’s office through Electron Appraisal Roll Submissions. Reports are issued biennially in December of every even-numbered year.