transparency Transparency Stars

Application Process

  1. Peruse — Peruse our general criteria and determine which area or areas for which you would like to apply. Traditional Finances is the starting point, but you may apply for a Star in up to four other areas if desired. Review the detailed guidelines for the area(s) for which you would like to apply.
  2. Prepare and Post — Prepare the information in the requested formats and post it on your website. You may wish to use our summary forms and Visualization templates in preparing the information requested by our guidelines. Consult the Transparency Stars FAQ page for tips and tools on preparing the requested information. Various types of software can be used to meet program requirements. The Comptroller does not partner with or endorse vendors for the Transparency Stars program.
  3. Apply — Complete our web form by submitting your local government's contact information and links to transparency information for each Star for which you are applying. Upon applying, you'll receive a confirmation that we've received your application and we will begin processing your application and making a determination regarding your award status.
  4. Award — Our team will contact you regarding the status of your award. Award recipients are given electronic insignia for each awarded Star, which may be placed on the entity's website. Hard copy award letters are also mailed for each star. Awards will be granted on a fluid basis and will remain in effect as long as entities maintain compliance, verified through quarterly review by the Comptroller's office.