State of Texas Annual Cash Report Revenues and Expenditures of State Funds for the Fiscal Year

The State of Texas Annual Cash Report presents the state's financial condition and details revenues and expenditures on a cash basis, as required by Texas Government Code Section 403.013. The report shows revenue and expenditure details for all funds in the Texas treasury. Revenue is reported in the period when cash is collected, and expenditures are reported in the period when cash disbursements are made. Funds held outside the state treasury are not included in the report with the exception of petty cash, investments, and Fund 0938 — Unemployment Trust Fund Account (In the federal Treasury).

State of Texas Annual Cash Report, Fiscal 2023 (PDF)
Note: The report was updated on Nov. 9, 2023 to reflect an increase in Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) balance of $3.4 billion on Page iii. Additionally, ESF balances on Page iii and Page 117 (Note 6) have been updated to adjust for rounding.

2023 Data Files



*Note: In both the 2018 and 2019 Cash Reports, Table 11 has been updated with new information.