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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


Certification Revenue Estimate 2018-19Table 3: General Revenue-Related Balances and Available Revenue

In Millions of Dollars
Description Amount Balance
Fiscal 2018 Balances
Beginning General Revenue Fund Cash $3,508
Less: Texas Department of Insurance Account −$146
Less: Higher Education Institutions Accounts −$551
Less: Lifetime License Endowment Account −$28
Less: Dedicated Oil Overcharge Account −$72
Less: Dedicated Lottery Account −$241
Less: Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Operating and Trust Accounts −$10
Less: Texas Enterprise Account −$230
Less: Emerging Technology Account −$1
Less: Statewide Electronic Filing Account −$6
Less: Governor's University Research Initiative Account −$43
Less: Constitutionally Dedicated Victims of Crime Accounts −$63
Less: Texas Military Revolving Account $0
Less: Federal Elections Improvement Account −$4
Less: Judicial and Court Personnel Training Fund Account −$1
Less: Permanent Funds for Health and Tobacco Education, Children and Public Health, Medical Services and Health Facility Capital Improvement −$21
Less: BP Spill Oil Fund Account −$4
Less: Reserve for Economic Stabilization Fund Transfer −$1,469
Beginning Balances in Funds 2 and 3 $266
Balances Available for Certification $883
Fiscal 2018-19 Revenues
Estimated Tax Collections $94,764
Estimated Other Revenue Collections $13,834
Total Estimated Net Revenue $108,598
Fiscal 2018-19 Other Adjustments
Change in Dedicated General Revenue Account Balances $1,221
Reserve for Economic Stabilization and State Highway Funds Transfers ($3,375)
Total Adjustments ($2,154)
Total Fiscal 2018-19 Estimated Available Revenue and Balances $107,328
Less: Fiscal 2018-19 Estimated Expenditures ($107,234)
Fiscal 2018-19 Ending Certification Balance $94

Note: Totals may not sum because of rounding.
Source: Glenn Hegar, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.