Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Special to the 86th Legislature: Biennial Revenue Estimate and Texas Legacy Fund
Jan. 7, 2019

The Texas Legacy Fund

“It was like burying the money in a hole on the Capitol lawn.”

That was Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s reaction upon discovering that state law required his office to hold billions of dollars within the Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) without investing the money to keep pace with inflation. The Legislature has since allowed the Comptroller’s office to invest part of the ESF so that it can earn enough to cover inflation.

The Comptroller’s office is proposing a more significant change: creation of the Texas Legacy Fund. A portion of the ESF would be used to establish an endowment that could generate more revenue to address Texas’ long-term financial obligations. The proposal would maintain a healthy balance in the ESF and preserve its ability to protect state finances in times of economic volatility.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar Releases Biennial Estimate

(AUSTIN) — Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar released the Biennial Revenue Estimate (BRE) today, showing the state is projected to have approximately $119.1 billion in revenue available for general-purpose spending during the 2020-21 biennium.

The revenue estimate represents an 8.1 percent increase from the amounts available for the 2018-19 biennium. Hegar warned, however, that substantial supplemental appropriations could affect revenue available for the 2020-21 biennium. Read more »

Download the 2020-2021 Biennial Revenue Estimate (PDF)
May 2019 Update to the Biennial Revenue Estimate (PDF)

The Making of the Biennial Revenue Estimate

Months of intense work go into the making of the BRE. It’s one of our constitutional responsibilities, and it’s an essential part of Texas’ budget process.

A Deep Dive Into the Texas Budget

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the state’s budget. Special issues of Fiscal Notes examine growing financial demands and the forces that drive Texas’ budget.

Biennial Revenue Estimate


The Texas Comptroller provides the Biennial Revenue Estimate (BRE) at the beginning of every regular legislative session. The estimate outlines how much state revenue is available for lawmakers to spend on programs for Texans through the 2020-21 biennium.

Revenue Available for General Purpose Spending

In Billions of Dollars

Revenue 2018-192020-21
General Revenue-Related (GR-R) Tax Collections $99.27 $107.32  
Other GR-R Revenues plus$14.55 plus$14.16  
Total GR-R Revenues equals$113.82 equals$121.48 SUBTOTAL
Beginning Balance plus$1.94 plus$4.18  
Total GR-R Revenue & Fund Balances equals$115.77 equals$125.67 SUBTOTAL
Revenue Reserved for Transfers to the Economic Stabilization and State Highway Funds minus$5.57 minus$6.34
Amount Needed for Texas Tomorrow Fund* minus$0.00 minus$0.21
Total Revenue Available for General-Purpose Spending equals$110.20 equals$119.12 TOTAL

* The original, constitutionally guaranteed prepaid tuition program is projected to have a cash shortfall of $211 million in the 2020-21 biennium. The BRE assumes the shortfall will be paid from general revenue.

General Revenue-Related Revenues

General Revenue-Related Revenues
Revenue SourcePercent of Total
Sales Taxes 54.5%
Motor Vehicle Sales and Rental Taxes 8.1%
Oil Production Tax 6.1%
Franchise Tax 5.0%
Natural Gas Production Tax 2.7%
Motor Fuel Taxes 1.7%
All Other State Taxes 10.2%
Other Revenue 11.7%

Annual Net Sales Tax Collections/All Funds

Change in Annual Net Sales Tax Collections/All Funds
Year Percent Change
1998 9.87%
1999 4.89%
2000 6.94%
2001 4.91%
2002 -1.00%
2003 -1.65%
2004 7.98%
2005 5.81%
2006 12.03%
2007 10.92%
2008 6.58%
2009 -2.73%
2010 -6.58%
2011 9.42%
2012 12.63%
2013 7.24%
2014 5.56%
2015 5.57%
2016 -2.30%
2017 2.32%
2018 10.51%

Average Annual Change: 5.05%