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Giving, and Giving Thanks

December 23, 2015

In this season, we naturally think of giving — and of giving back, in gratitude for the blessings life has given us. The folks here at the Comptroller's office are among the most generous people I know.

It's not just during Christmas and the holidays, either. Throughout the year, Comptroller employees devote thousands of hours of personal time as well as their own money to causes that help those less fortunate. From Meals on Wheels to scholarships for deserving students, members of the Comptroller family are working for Texans every day and every week of the year. I'm deeply proud of their efforts. You can see a brief video that illustrates a small part of what Comptroller volunteers do, and who they're helping.

On a lighter note, my executive staff and I appear in a little video greeting card for our employees. It's one way we can say thanks for all they do

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Thank you for all you do for Texas, and God bless,

Glenn Hegar