Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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CYBERSECURITYEducational Programs Economic Snapshot

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is one of only a handful of colleges and universities in the nation designated as a Center for Academic Excellence in all three National Security Agency focus areas: cyber operations, cyber defense and research. As an emerging leader in cybersecurity education and research, Texas A&M continues to strengthen the cybersecurity workforce and develop the tools and technologies needed to face global security challenges.


of Texas A&M cybersecurity
graduates have
job placement
upon graduation

Texas A&M’s cybersecurity graduates are highly recruited and quickly employed, earning average starting salaries of more than $70,000 annually.

CAREERS FOR VETERANS: Military Times included Texas A&M’s cybersecurity program on its most recent list of the 10 best cybersecurity programs for military veterans and military-connected students.

All Systems: Grow!

In 2017, information security analysts in Texas earned nearly twice as much as the average annual salary of all occupations in Texas.

Entry Level


Average Annual Wages for Information Security Analysts, 2017
LocationMean SalaryEntry Level SalaryExperienced Salary
Texas95 thousand dollars57 thousand dollars114 thousand dollars
Central Region 75.7 thousand dollars 46.4 thousand dollars 90.4 thousand dollars
College Station-Bryan MSA 75.6 thousand dollars 43.3 thousand dollars 91.7 thousand dollars

Source: JobsEQ

↑ $49,000
Average Annual
Wage of All
in Texas

Average Annual Wage of Information Security Analysts in Texas

10-Year Forecasted Growth Rates for Information Security
Analyst Employment by Texas Region, 2018

Estimated 10-Year Growth Rates for Information Security Analyst Employment (As of 2018)
LocationGrowth Rate
Central Region29.5%
College Station-Bryan MSA34.4%

Source: JobsEQ

  • In 2018, 167 information security analysts were employed in the Central Region, with 61 of them in the College Station-Bryan Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).
  • Forecasts predict the occupation will grow over the next 10 years by 29.5 percent in the region and 34.4 in the College Station-Bryan MSA, just slightly below the state forecasted growth rate of 41.6 percent.

Texas A&M’s Community Investment and Economic Impact

Texas A&M IS HOME to three respected cybersecurity education and research organizations:

  • The Institute for National Security and Cybersecurity Education
  • The Center for Nuclear Security Science and Policy Initiatives
  • Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center

In 2018, Texas A&M was awarded a
$4.4 million grant
from the National Science Foundation’s Cybercorps Scholarships for Service program to administer the Cyber Leader-Scholars program in partnership with Houston Community College.

In 2019, Texas A&M WAS AWARDED a U.S. Department of Energy grant of up to
$28 million
to research and develop cybersecurity technologies protecting the nation’s energy infrastructure against cyberattacks.

In 2017, Texas A&M WAS AWARDED the Defense Security Service Award for
Excellence in Counterintelligence
by the National Security Agency’s Defense Security Service.


Texas A&M’s commitment to the development of world class cybersecurity academic programs — advancing cyber defense research; recruiting internationally renowned faculty; and collaborating with high schools, veterans’ programs and two-year colleges throughout the state — has placed the university at the forefront of cybersecurity research and workforce development.


Glenn Hegar

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


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