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Technical Assistance for Schools

SECO makes energy engineering expertise available to schools in Texas through its Technical Assistance Program (TAP). Eligible public entities include K-12 public schools and independent school districts.

SECO contracts with leading engineering firms having a high degree of technical knowledge. They provide customized, on-site, energy-related services across a broad spectrum, ranging from basic consultation to feasibility studies.

Officials of eligible entities may request assistance with either energy or water-related technical matters. Upon determination that the requested services are reasonable and within the contractors' scope of work, SECO will assign an engineer to contact the officials to determine the level of service necessary to provide assistance. There is no charge to the entity.

How to Apply

To initiate participation in the program, complete the Technical Assistance Request Form and email it to Margaret Garcia.

Download Technical Assistance Request Form (PDF)

For more information about TAP, contact Program Manager Margaret Garcia.