State Travel Management Program – Hertz Corporation Car Rental Contract

State of Texas Contact

Mark Floyd
Phone: 281-808-9733

Two Ways to Reserve

  1. 800-654-3131 (US, Puerto Rico and Canada)
    800-704-4473 (International)
  2. Hertz website

Rate Identifier Code

The State of Texas rate identifier is: 2120 + the 3-digit state agency number (ex: 2120305)

Any Texas Smartbuy Member must contact Mark Floyd for a rate identifier code.

Review comparison tables for all vendors' rates and other contract provisions.

To Make an Online Reservation:

  1. After reviewing the following steps, log-on to the "Hertz" Website.
  2. Enter rental location, pickup and return day & time, select age.
  3. Click "Enter a Discount or Promo Code."
  4. Enter your Hertz State rate identifier code. A box will appear where you should choose booking for "Business" or "Leisure" and click "yes". The system will automatically quote the State of Texas rate that has been negotiated.
  5. Click "Book as Guest."
  6. Select Car type, and then the system will advance to choose extras.
  7. DO NOT accept the optional coverages, Loss Damage Waiver, Liability and other optional services set by State guidelines, click submit.
  8. Enter Name, email address and if you have flight information, click submit.
  9. A screen will appear with your confirmation, and you will also receive an email with your confirmation.